Chiropractor Appointments for Sports Injuries

Playing sport can affect the body in many different ways, both good and bad. Various muscles, joints and ligaments as well as your spinal and structural system are placed under a high degree of strain while participating in sports. Trauma and overuse injuries can easily occur, particularly when you haven’t warmed up or cooled down properly.

Physiotherapy isn’t the only option you have when it comes to treatment of sport injuries and rehabilitation. Chiropractors are trained extensively in sports injury treatment as well as prevention, using their knowledge of movement and musculoskeletal function to help athletes enhance performance and manage and prevent injuries.


Common Causes of Sporting Injuries

Sporting injuries can occur for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Muscle spasm and tightness from overuse
  • Mobility and flexibility issues
  • Failure to properly warm up
  • Sprains and strains from overuse or trauma, e.g. twisting the knee a wrong way
  • Muscle asymmetry where one side of the body is different from the other
  • Loss of spinal movement causing abnormal muscle tightness and strain
  • Trauma during sport causing injuries and placing stress on other areas of the body

When your body is injured it will automatically compensate for the muscle or joint injury by changing muscle tone and muscle movement patterns both in the region of the injury and also other areas of the body as well to protect the injured area. For example, an injury in your neck can cause an ache in your shoulder.


How to Deal with Sport Injuries

Depending on the injury, chiropractic care may include joint manipulation and mobilisation, physiotherapeutic muscle therapy, rehabilitation exercises and lifestyle advice to restore proper function, enhance healing of damaged tissue and reduce pain. Chiropractors often work in partnership with coaches and other health practitioners to determine the best strategy for rehabilitation and returning to play.

Chiropractic care has the key benefit of treating musculoskeletal problems without the use of drugs. This can include strains and sprains to muscles and joints as well as disc injuries. Regular visits promote quicker recovery as well as better balance and overall performance. Chiropractors ensure that bones in your spine are lined up and balanced, which helps relieve tension in the body. This all helps you perform better and become less susceptible to injury in the future.


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At Northbridge Chiropractic, we believe the body works as one connected system – the spine, nervous system, muscles and joints are all connected to each other, affecting the way our bodies maintain and restore their health. We combine a variety of treatments that reflect this holistic approach so that your body can maintain optimum health and you can perform your best in whichever sport you play.

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