How Your Chiropractor Can Make You Better at Sport

Your chiropractor can aid in improving sports performance. Strength, flexibility and coordination are areas that your chiropractor can work on with you to improve your abilities. In this article, we will outline why sports people should consider visiting a chiropractor.

Replenishing Your Strength

When you play sport, it is a workout for your whole body. Your muscles and joints are pushed to their limits, endorphins are rushing and blood is pumping. Yet after a large workout, many people report feeling exhausted and burnt out – even if they have a proper cool-down period.

Your chiropractor can help with this. Muscle therapy such as trigger point and myofascial release aid in maintaining good muscle tension, which can help with flexibility. This is vital, as proper joint mobility ensures that by-products such as lactic acid are moved out of the area, and proper circulation is maintained. This all replenishes your body’s strength and allows it to recover.

Furthermore, proper muscle tension and absence of trigger points (more commonly known as knots) allows muscle fibres to contract/relax at the appropriate times leading to better muscle control and coordination.

After all, improving strength isn’t as simple as doing a lot of lifting. For a movement or a lift to be strong, your joint needs to be in a correct and stable position.

A Stable Joint?

A stable joint means that the passive stabilisers (ligaments and joint capsule) are tight and hold the joint strong. A lack of joint mobility can mean that the joint doesn’t have the flexibility to get into a stable position.

If a joint is in an “unstable” position the active stabilisers (muscles, tendons) have to work overtime just to keep the joint strong and protected. This means you waste a lot of energy simply stabilising the joint and less energy on performing the lift or movement.

Sports Injuries

Sports strain your body and sometimes injure it, too. These injuries can come in a variety of forms: headaches, strained muscles, ankle and wrist injuries, sore shoulders, and the list goes on.

Chiropractors often treat a variety of sports injuries, including strained muscles, shin splints, shoulder, ankle and knee injuries.

These injuries can all be treated at a chiropractor, and in such a way that will make you better at sports.

Going to a chiropractor to treat your sports injuries, or to prevent them, will allow the chiropractor to help make your body more flexible, durable and strong. We achieve this by helping relieve some of the strain and pressure that sports place on your body, whilst also realigning your spine so that any irritation is reduced.

Seeking professional treatment can aid in your recovery and help prevent these injuries. The strain and pressure on the body from sports can be reduced by joint alignment and muscle therapy and make your body more durable. We aim to get you back to your sport as soon as possible, performing at your best.

The result? Fewer injuries and better performance.

Increased Abilities

Studies show that going to a chiropractor can better your abilities in a number of sports.

Martial Arts

Martial artists often visit chiropractors for treatment of sports injuries such as hip and low back strains from repetitive kicks; shoulder and mid back pain from boxing and forearm and wrist pain from grappling. Chiropractors can also aid in sports performance. Muscle therapy and joint alignment of the elbow, forearm and wrist can aid in muscle strength resulting in increased grip strength. One study found that after only 3 chiropractic sessions grip strength was increased by 16% (MB Botelho, 2011).


Football requires players to be flexible, mobile and coordinated. Chiropractic care can help in these areas as well as aid injury management and prevention.


Elbow conditions are commonly seen in tennis players. “Tennis elbow” is caused by repetitive tension being placed through the forearm muscles. This leads to inflammation and scar tissue forming in the muscles and tendons. We help relieve the pain and regain strength by working out the scar tissue, improving muscle flexibility and correcting any joint movement issues. We can also help other common injuries seen in tennis players such as ankle, hamstring and groin injuries as well as shin splints.


Running puts a lot of pressure on your joints and muscles, and can result in serious injuries if your body is not looked after correctly. One study found that nearly 100% of runners who attended chiropractic care were able to increase their mileage after (Jörgen Sandell, 2008), because of their new-found flexibility, and the relieved joint pressure.


If you are interested in sports and taking a step towards a stronger and healthier you, make an appointment today. We can discuss your situation and goals, and assist you in achieving them.