Listening to Your Body – How to Spot Muscle and Bone Problems before They Get Worse

Experiencing pain in our muscles and joints is common, particularly when doing a lot of physical activity or carrying out strenuous work. For example, many of us experience back pain at some point in our lives. Most of the time, it isn’t a serious problem and goes away with rest. When we strain or sprain a muscle or ligament, we often recover can continue with our normal everyday activities soon after.

But when might there be a bigger problem? How do you know when an injury will heal on its own or whether it needs specific medical treatment?


Back Pain

As we age, the structures of our spine age as well. The structures remain strong but it’s usual for your back to get stiffer as you get older. Exercise and good posture can prevent stiffness and back muscles from weakening as we get older. Back pain can sometimes be resolved by making lifestyle changes to improve our musculoskeletal health.

Other times, your back pain is an indication of a condition that needs attention or else it will get worse. It’s best to make an appointment with a chiropractor to assess the cause of the problem, especially if your pain is really bad, lasts a long time, has gotten worse and stops you from doing everyday activities and the things you enjoy.


Sprains and Strains

Injuries to soft tissues such as ligaments and tendons can come on suddenly (acute) or may get worse gradually (chronic). A sudden injury is related to a specific incident and depending on the severity may need treatment that ranges from an ice pack to surgery. An injury that gets worse over time (for example, over three months) is often referred to as a chronic soft tissue injury.

Chronic injuries are commonly caused by overuse or changes in normal tissue stress. If you notice gradual pain, stiffness or reduced efficiency of function, that’s a sign that your soft tissue injury may need attention to stop it from getting worse. Exercises and physiotherapeutic muscle therapy can prevent further degeneration and improve functionality.


Benefits of Listening to Your Body

Remember that pain is a communication tool that your body uses to tell you something is wrong. The benefit of listening to your body is that you can prevent more serious medical issues by taking action early. For example, if you find it sore and uncomfortable to sit or stand up straight, take it as a warning sign to fix your posture before it causes imbalances in your muscles and skeletal structures.


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