Chiropractic Techniques

Chiropractic Techniques and How They Help You

At Northbridge Chiropractic, we believe the body works as one connected system – the spine, nervous system, muscles and joints are all connected to each other, affecting the way our bodies maintain and restore their health. Our Doctors of Chiropractic recognise the body’s ability to heal itself. We combine a range of traditional chiropractic adjustments with physiotherapeutic muscle therapies to provide optimal care, which addresses all aspects of your health.

With treatments including the Diversified Technique, the Drop Piece, and Cox Flexion Distraction, we promote natural healing to remedy your back pain, sports injury or other issue.

Chiropractic Techniques

What Is Chiropractic Care like in Australia?

Chiropractors play an important role in Australia’s robust national healthcare system. As fully registered and regulated healthcare professionals, Doctors of Chiropractic deliver a drug-free, surgery-free approach to treatment and recovery.

Chiropractic care involves diagnosing, treating and preventing a range of musculoskeletal disorders to aid in injury recovery, pain relief, the function of the nervous system, and overall general health.

At Northbridge Chiropractic, we offer a friendly, relaxed and holistic approach to healing. We work closely with each patient, giving you the time and expertise you require to optimise your health and wellbeing.

What Is the History of Chiropractic Care?

Chiropractic techniques and teachings can be traced back to Ancient Greek and Roman civilisations. The premise that the body has inherent recuperative abilities can be linked to the teachings of Hippocrates – the father of Greek medicine – as well as Galen. These ideas were later developed by Daniel David Palmer, who is credited as the inventor of chiropractic and the first person to perform to perform a chiropractic adjustment in 1895.

Chiropractic in Australia

Chiropractors have had a presence in Australia since the early 1900s and chiropractic remains one of the most prominent healthcare professions in the country.

Having been the first country to include chiropractic learning in a university environment, Australia has led the way in chiropractic education. Today, all Australian chiropractors study at university for at least five years, gaining knowledge in human physiology, anatomy, radiology, diagnosis, and other areas.

Chiropractic Techniques at Our Perth Clinic

At Northbridge Chiropractic, our doctors treat spinal and joint problems with a range of gentle, low-impact chiropractic adjustments and physiotherapeutic muscle therapies. These techniques aid in correcting and realigning your body to promote optimal function and overall health.

Our holistic approach to chiropractic care may also include expert lifestyle advice, management tips, as well as recommendations for stretching, exercise, nutrition, postural adjustments and other home care information.

Our chiropractic techniques and muscle therapies include:

Benefits of Visiting a Chiropractor Regularly

As a safe and effective way of realigning your body for optimal health, regular chiropractic care can have a range of advantages. As well as spine-related care and management, chiropractors can help you with back pain, sports injuries, and issues involving every part of your body – this includes your neck, muscles, nerves, pelvis, and other specific conditions or general pain.

Regular visits to Northbridge Chiropractic can be beneficial for adults, children, seniors, professional athletes, and individuals with specific conditions.

Learn More about Chiropractic Care in Perth

For more information on chiropractic care and techniques, read our section on What to Expect for Your First Visit or contact us today to request an appointment.

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