Diversified Technique

What Is the Diversified Technique and How Does it Help?

The Diversified technique is one of the most commonly practiced techniques, not just by our doctors, but by chiropractors around the world. The Diversified technique involves your chiropractor manually placing pressure through the affected vertebral segment in order to restore proper movement.

This technique is a safe and effective way of relieving stiffness and pain. It is also the technique most commonly associated with a “popping” noise, which is simply gas being released from the joint as it is unlocked.

At Northbridge Chiropractic, our doctors may perform the Diversified technique following an expert analysis and case history.

Diversified Technique

What Does the Diversified Technique Involve?

As the name suggests, the diversified technique involves a range of chiropractic adjustments, all of which are used to correct affected vertebral segments. Diversified adjustments involve the delivery a quick and short thrust to the restricted joints, either by hand or with the assistance of a table or block.

A type of high-velocity, low-amplitude adjustment, this technique is delivered at a precise angle, depth, direction and speed, which is determined through years of practice, experience, education, and diagnostic expertise.

How Safe Is the Diversified Technique?

The Diversified technique is considered to be remarkably safe by chiropractors and broader medical community in general. In fact, it is the most commonly used chiropractic technique by the vast majority of chiropractors. Before we begin any treatment, our doctors perform a thorough analysis of your spine and general health, including your medical history of x-rays wherever necessary. Using our years of experience, we will determine, the safest and most effective treatment method for your needs, including further medical referrals as necessary.

Does Spinal Manipulation Hurt?

As with most chiropractic adjustments, the Diversified technique is generally painless and often quite pleasant. Patients will usually experience an instant sense of relief, while mild general soreness may occur for a few days following the treatment.

How Can the Diversified Technique Help Me?

It is often said that chiropractors put your joints “back in place” but this isn’t really the case. Through the Diversified technique, our doctors restore movement and function to the affected joints as well as your nervous system. This can have a positive impact on a wide range of areas in your body, relieving the symptoms related to:

Where Did the Diversified Technique Come From?

The Diversified technique is generally attributed to Joseph Janse and his 1947 co-publication “Chiropractic Principles and Technic”. Janse was an influential figure in the American and Canadian chiropractic communities and an essential voice in furthering the scientific basis of chiropractic care. While the exact origins of the technique remain unknown, its presence can be seen throughout his philosophies, his principles and his published works.

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