Chiropractic Drop Piece Technique

At Northbridge Chiropractic, our doctors utilise a series of precise manual and equipment-aided techniques to restore movement, improve nervous system functioning and relieve pain and other symptoms.

The drop piece technique involves the use of a chiropractic table to restore movement in fixated spinal segments. With the help of this table, our chiropractors apply pressure to the affected area of your body to gently relieve stiff joints. As the technique is performed, the table will drop slightly and you will hear a ‘popping’ noise.

The drop piece method is a safe and controlled adjustment that is utilised in a range of cases. The technique is often used if there is tension in the pelvis or lower back, or for elderly people whose joints can’t be adjusted otherwise.

Our chiropractors provide a friendly, welcoming and holistic environment – we will provide an expert analysis and simple explanation before considering any chiropractic care.

Drop Piece Technique

How the Drop Piece Table Helps You

The drop piece table is a specialist function of a chiropractor’s bench. It allows parts of the bench to be raised and is designed to drop away as the chiropractor performs their adjustment. This simple but very effective mechanism allows our doctors to perform an even lighter adjustment in a very controlled way. The action of the drop piece falling away allows for a faster and more comfortable adjustment overall.

Some patients require adjustments with the drop piece table due to advanced age or specific conditions, while others simply prefer the drop piece technique.

A Closer Look at the Chiropractic Drop Piece

The drop piece technique can be used to restore movement to joints in any area of your body. Our expert doctors will perform a specialist analysis to determine the cause of your symptoms and the most appropriate treatment method. Some of the areas that are most adjusted using the drop piece technique are the pelvis and the lower back.

The drop piece technique generally creates an audible popping noise, similar to other chiropractic adjustments. Additionally, like other chiropractic techniques, the drop piece is non-painful and often more comforting due to the speed and precision of the technique.

Just like other techniques, the chiropractic drop piece is also extremely safe. It has been widely used by chiropractors since its development in the 1950s, and it is popular for producing precise patient results around the world.

Relieving Your Symptoms with the Drop Piece Technique

By restoring spinal movement and nervous system functioning, the drop piece technique can relieve your pain, stiffness and other symptoms. One of the methods our doctors use when considering the drop piece technique is leg length analysis.

Vertebral misalignment can make one leg appear shorter than the other, and through expert analysis, we can determine the location of your fixated spinal segments and the effectiveness of the drop piece technique.

Among other things, the chiropractic drop piece technique can be useful to treat:

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