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Elbow Pain

Are you experiencing elbow pain? Muscle therapy techniques like active release therapy (ART) are safe and effective ways to treat the cause of elbow pain and reduce the pain that you’re experiencing. At Northbridge Chiropractic in Perth, our team of qualified practitioners offer a variety of treatments to restore movement in your elbow and get you back to leading the lifestyle you want to lead as quickly and safely as possible.

What Causes Elbow Pain? 

Elbow conditions and injuries which cause severe and ongoing pain are commonly seen in sportspeople like tennis and golf players, but elbow pain and injuries can affect anyone at any age and when that happens, timely professional treatment is a must.

Tennis elbow is one of the most well-known elbow conditions and is caused by repetitive tension placed on the forearm muscles while the wrist is extended. The repetitive pressure and tension placed on the muscles and tendons leads to inflammation which then results in scarring and a build-up of scar tissue over time if not properly treated.

While tennis elbow generally affects the muscles and tendons of the outer elbow, golfer’s elbow generally affects the inner elbow, and similar conditions often arise in occupations that involve repetitive tasks involving the forearm muscle, including mechanical trades. Elbow pain isn’t always caused by sports or work tasks and can be caused by a one-off incident which overloads the forearm muscles or gradual tendon degeneration. If you experience pain when you grip or hold an object, open doors, straighten your wrist or lift something, see a qualified health practitioner immediately.


Treatments For Elbow Pain

At Northbridge Chiropractic, we offer a range of natural therapies to help relieve elbow pain and regain muscle, tendon and joint strength and flexibility by working out the scar tissue and correcting movement issues. The muscle therapy treatments your practitioner may recommend to treat your elbow pain include trigger point therapy, Graston therapy, dry needling and active release therapy (ART) + myofascial cupping all of which are non-invasive and safe.

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