Kinesio Tape

What is the Kinesio Taping Method?

Kinesio or kinesiology tape is a thin, stretchy, cotton based therapeutic tape that can help with inflammation and a wide range of injuries. It’s the tape you might notice more and more athletes wearing, as it effective for improving sporting performance and eliminating pain. Kinesio tape has a level of thickness and elasticity that is very similar to human skin, meaning it can be worn without restricting, binding or constricting movement.

At Northbridge Chiropractic, we apply Kinesio tape to stimulate or relax muscles in order to reduce pain, swelling and soreness. It provides extended soft tissue manipulation, prolonging any physiotherapeutic muscle therapy that we administer all without impacting the body’s full range of motion.

Kinesio Taping Method

How to Apply Kinesio Tape

Kinesio tape differs from other types of strapping tape in terms of its material and form as well as how it is used. Most other types of strapping tape are non-elastic and require you to tightly wrap the tape around an injured muscle or joint to provide rigid support. As they restrict movement, they can only be worn for short periods of time before getting removed to restore circulation and mobility.

Kinesio tape isn’t wrapped around a whole-body part, enabling it to provide dynamic support. Instead, it is applied in a strip to the muscle or joint that is injured or requires support. The tape can be applied as a regular I-shaped strip as well as in a Y shape and a doughnut shape for shoulders and knees.

Kinesiology tape can also be layered to provide additional support and is applied with different degrees of stretch (e.g. no stretch, 25% stretch or 75% stretch). It can be confusing to get it right, so it’s a good idea to get a professional to do it for you at first and show you how to reapply it in future if necessary.

Benefits of Kinesiology Tape

Kinesio taping has a comprehensive range of benefits. Unlike other tape, it can be comfortably left on for up to a week including in the shower, while exercising and even while swimming. This ensures the therapeutic benefits of Kinesio tape are working on the injured areas 24/7, significantly accelerating the healing process from injuries, trauma and inflammatory conditions.

Benefits include:

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