Meet Dr Kim Prater BSc (Chiro), B(Chiro)

An Interest in Health and Nutrition

“I was really into high-level surf life-saving competitions from a young age, competing at a national level. At age 12 I had a recurring hamstring injury that bothered me for a year or so. Everything I tried couldn’t quite resolve it until I went to a chiropractor and had my pelvic alignment sorted out. I’ve always been interested in sports, health and fitness, and chiropractic allows me to help others manage their injuries and improve their performance.

I’m also very interested in nutrition, having juggled some digestive issues in the past and learned what a huge part nutrition plays in our health.”

Helping Patients Progress

Dr Kim attended Murdoch University in Perth. Her treatment style is hands-on. She is trained in techniques such as:

Dr Kim has a talent for looking at your entire body to figure out how best to help you, fully addressing your problems.

Dr Kim Prater

I love seeing my patients’ progress and forming connections with them. Their wins are my wins.

Sports and Living Actively

Outside of chiropractic, Dr Kim is involved with a local CrossFit gym. She treats competitors on-site and in the practice. She also sees pregnant women, new mums, MMA fighters, footballers and anyone who wants to improve their health and maintain an active lifestyle.

Aches, pains and injury can affect your overall well-being. Contact us today to start improving your health.

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