Trigger Point Therapy

Trigger Point Therapy – Explanation and Benefits

Trigger points are small knots/contractions within specific points on the muscle tissue. Quite tender to the touch, you can be unaware that you have trigger points until they are pressed on. Other times, they are the source of local and referred pain. Trigger points are unique in that they can cause pain and dysfunction in other parts of the body as well locally.

A common example is trigger point pain in the neck, back and shoulders causing headaches and migraines. At Northbridge Chiropractic, our doctors skilfully treat health issues and restore function through precise trigger point therapy, relieving pain, stress and injury.

Trigger Point Therapy

What is Trigger Point Therapy and How Does it Work?

Sometimes referred to as myofascial trigger point therapy or neuromuscular therapy, trigger point therapy involves applying controlled pressure to remove toxins within the specific points that are associated with pain and inflammation. As the muscle fibres tighten, circulation decreases and toxins build up. This is when you begin experiencing muscle pain as well as decreased muscle flexibility and strength.

Muscle knots can be treated in a couple of ways including a trigger point massage, chiropractic care and dry needling, which involved inserting a needle into the pressure points. The kind of treatment that is appropriate for you will depend on the situation. The practitioners at Northbridge Chiropractic are trained in all forms of trigger point therapy and will pursue the practice that will best alleviate your source of pain and dysfunction.

Trigger Point Therapy

How to Release Trigger Points

Trigger point therapy usually involves the chiropractor applying pressure on the trigger point until it disappears and the muscles relax. The taut bands of muscle around trigger points that causes local pain can be minimised with 30 to 90 seconds of sustained compression on the affected tissue, depending on how tight the muscle is.

Afterwards, the chiropractor massages the area to ensure that the pain has been eliminated. This treatment often comes recommended because of its non-invasive nature. However, trigger points often form due to underlying issues, which is why at Northbridge Chiropractic, we combine TPT with other treatments to make sure we get to the root of the problem.

What Can Trigger Point Therapy Treat?

Trigger point therapy can be used in conjunction with other forms of treatment or as a primary form of treating various chronic pain conditions such as:

There are also some studies supporting the use of trigger point therapy to help manage osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and Parkinson’s disease.

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