Visiting Our Chiropractors – What to Expect

When you visit our chiropractors we will carefully evaluate your condition. This helps us to deliver successful treatments for issues such as back pain, neck pain and sports injuries.

We work with you to fully understand your goals and when you are ready, we make a plan that helps you to achieve them.

Your First Visit

We’ll ask you to fill out some intake forms when you arrive.

Your first appointment includes:

  • Taking a medical and health history
  • A physical and orthopaedic examination
  • Further tests (if applicable)
  • Report of findings
  • Treatment

After the examination, you’ll receive a diagnosis from your chiropractor. We’ll recommend a treatment plan based on this diagnosis. Once you feel fully informed and all your questions have been answered, we’ll start with your treatment.

We ask that you bring any previous imaging, reports or medical records you may have, even if they are quite old. Please wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothing and plan on being here for 40 minutes.

We offer longer appointment times so we can provide fully comprehensive care

Regular Visits

Follow-up visits will take about 20 minutes each. If you want to adapt your treatment plan at any time, we’ll discuss that with you. Each session will focus on discussing exercise descriptions, nutrition advice, ergonomic changes in the workplace and other health-related topics. We set aside time during each of your visits to make sure your questions and needs are fully addressed.

We offer longer appointment times so we can provide fully comprehensive chiropractic care according to your needs. These longer appointments are also good for chronic conditions, sports injuries, and problems which require multiple treatments. We can also incorporate acupuncture, dry needling and similar advanced care procedures.

For workers and other busy individuals, we are open until 7.30pm on weeknights and until 1pm on Saturday.

Discuss Your Treatment Needs

Our chiropractors are dedicated to helping you through your issues and improving your quality of life. Contact us to discuss your chiropractic care and to book an initial or follow-up appointment.

We’re ready to take all the time we need to give you the attention your health deserves. Contact us today!

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