Why X-rays?

xray_standingOur history and physical examination is very thorough and often we can diagnose your problem without x-rays. However your chiropractor may request an x-ray to:

  • Provide a structural record of your spine
  • Locate fractures or other signs of trauma
  • Identify evidence of long term spinal degeneration
  • Confirm other examination findings

We refer our patients to an x-ray facility that allows bulk-billing.

Interestingly, x-rays were discovered soon after the first chiropractic adjustment in 1895. Wilhelm Roentgen, a German physics professor, was experimenting with cathode ray tubes and discovered that an object across the room began to glow. Much to his surprise, when he placed his hand between the tube and the glowing barium screen, he was able to see the bones of his hand.

From those crude beginnings over a century ago, both chiropractic and x-ray imaging have come a long way. Today, the chiropractic profession is a leader in the reduction of x-ray exposure and patient safety.

  • We take only the most necessary views
  • Use the most up to date equipment
  • Intensification screens reduce energy used
  • Filtration removes unneeded frequencies
  • Collimation narrows the energy beam
  • Sensitive films shorten exposure time
  • Shielding protects sensitive body parts
  • Equipment is regularly inspected